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Having said all of that, I wonder if Ande's idea isn't the best (regardless of what format you choose to go with for the blog). If it was still public with no comments, but you cross-posted entries in a private forum, you could allow people to respond and discuss in a controlled/private environment, but still keep the blog itself public. I'm not sure how much extra work that would be for you, but if it was negligible I would say that's the best option for running your site the way you have and seem to love, but keeping the riffraff at bay., http://zlindsaylohanpussyk.tumblr.com Lindsay Lohan Pussy,  :-), http://znudebnakedzsex.insanejournal.com Keira Knightley Naked, >:-((, http://pnudeonakedwsex.insanejournal.com Rihanna Tits, mjjua, http://helenhuntnude5.typepad.com Helen Hunt Nude, yrm, http://kellybrooknude3.typepad.com Kelly Brook Nude, 84343, http://janetjacksonnaked2.typepad.com Janet Jackson Naked, 0263, http://ijenniferlopeznuder.tumblr.com Jennifer Lopez Nude, 8377, http://oevamendesnudep.tumblr.com Eva Mendes Nude, 9725, http://hnudejnakedisex.insanejournal.com Brenda Song Naked, 8061, http://qnudegnakedgsex.insanejournal.com Rosamund Pike Naked, mdlh, http://fnudednakedtsex.insanejournal.com Eva Longoria Naked, 681, http://lnudeinakedtsex.insanejournal.com Masiela Lusha Naked, 355287, http://tilatequilasex4.typepad.com Tila Tequila Sex, 244, http://channingtatumnude5.typepad.com Channing Tatum Nude, wsxmd,